#27 Better English Translation

Justin Patrin

I love the program, it's nearly exactly what I wanted,
but I don't understand all of the words used (I don't
think that some of them are translated).

For instance:
Operations - I know what this word means, but I'm not
sure what it means in this context. I assume I'm
supposed to put the general class of what the money was
for (Groceries, Gas, Movies).
Bourse - I have no idea what this means.
Clic - This should be Click. I saw this in a
Javascript popup in the Operations page. It is probably
elsewhere as well.
Number - What is this field for? The check number maybe?
Labels - Again, what is this field for? Comments maybe?
The Check option - I assume this is to show what has
cleared my account and what has not, but I'm not sure
of that at all.


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    This is fairly easy to do. In the
    public_html/lang/english.inc.php file you can edit a lot of
    the phrases that the program uses (if you know what they
    should be).

    If you make a really well translation, submit it!!