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MyPasswords - Online password manager / News: Recent posts

1.2.0 released

Check the README. Basically the main change is that MHASH support is now available if you want to use a stronger hashing algorithm than MD5. PHP needs to be compiled with MHASH library support to use it though. There is also a minor bug fix.

Posted by James 2001-09-10

1.1.1c last (hopefully) before 1.1.2

Found another sorting bug, and modified the output in sites.php. Version 1.1.2 will be out shortly with support for better hashes than MD5.

Posted by James 2001-09-07

MyPasswords 1.1.1 bug fix and extended support

Fixed a minor bug when the install script's cipher mode is changed. Also added more PostgreSQL support and legacy MCRYPT 2.2.x support. If anyone is trying to use PostgreSQL or MCRYPT 2.2.x and is having problems, please fill out a bug report!

Posted by James 2001-09-01

MyPasswords 1.1.0. Now multi-user.

So version 1.1.0 has been released. The big news is that it is multi-user so a single installation can be used for any number of people, (2^64 - 1 anyway). This is useful for companies, families, schools, etc. New users can register without bothering the administrator. Check the README for other features/fixes.

Posted by James 2001-08-31

1.0.6 update

Check the readme. Mainly sorting and quoting fixes.

Posted by James 2001-08-30

1.0.5 Update

I found a JavaScript bug (not a security compromise) and added numerous features to release 1.0.0 which are all detailed in the README.

Posted by James 2001-08-30

Version 1.0.0 finally released!

Well, I cleaned up all my code so hopefully no one who downloads this will make fun of me. I was able to incorporate support for MCRYPT 2.4.x and SSL so this should be relatively secure. I have a list of feature to implement in later versions, which I should have time to get to since I don't have a real job anymore! I realize a person has to know their way around PHP and MySQL, but in the future, it will be installable via a web page.

Posted by James 2001-08-29