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MyBSD, Mini OpenBSD Router/Firewall/Gate / News: Recent posts

MyBSD current version

29 March 2002
- fix generate.sh for wicontrol command, merge to /etc/hostname.wi0

3 April 2002
- add routed, pppd, ppp, chat, pppoe, pppstats, /etc/ppp stuff and PPP menu (request by Iman, teras.net.id)

6 April 2002
- add dhcpclient, script and menu (request by Moefid, indolinux.com)

14 April 2002
- add netstat, traceroute, fix default pf.conf, fix install.txt and fix generate.sh (request by Dani, ppimk.or.id)
- testing 2 orinoco (gold pci and silver isa)with wep and adhoc OK

Posted by Taufik 2002-04-20