PostTep Problems and Features need

  • Hello,

    sorry that i write to you about an E-Mail-client - but i cant register me
    that can i use tthe forum !

    :)i am testing now Posttep and i find it good,
    but i find that an upload function for product Images and for the developer
    images were good. I want to be integratet some Communications Moduls like
    Imessanger, another Forum ,an E-MailClient , contact_us and Chat system and
    for this i need the Nuke-user Table . Can you do the normal nuke-user table
    in the Register, login and user_modify Site.

    And i hope you will write an Documentation about it and write about DB
    Changes, because i need more Product-Images and some more Fileds for an

    Fileds are needet :

    Author (Like Manufactor)
    more Images (for Photgraphie -books)
    book language

    and so on ..

    I hope you can help me or you can this do for one of the next releases ..

    Thanks for help and for the good work.


    Frank :) :)