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MyLinux PLW Software: NewsForge Press Release

PLW (Pocket Linux Workstation) An Open Source, custom Linux embedded platform small enough for your pocket and powerful enough for your workstation. OS and Software development project for the MyLinux Pocket Linux Workstation (PLW).

Read the great press release that appeared on NewsForge:

Posted by Alan Dayley 2001-10-09

Wide Public Beta Program

You can now participate in the MyLinux Wide Public Beta program by filling out this form and mailing it in.

Please remember to tell all your Linux friends about it! We need to reach minimum order numbers to make the first run financially possible.


Posted by Alan Dayley 2001-08-29

Production run details...

This is an email by Rob on the details of the first PLW production run. Putting together a product of this caliber is not an easy task!

Please note as you read this it is from some few weeks ago and the situation can fluxuate so all the details may not be exactly correct right now. The overall presentation of "this is what it takes to produce a product" is darn good!

Rather than summarize, I just quote Rob's detailed descriptions below.... read more

Posted by Alan Dayley 2001-08-29

The Official MyLinux discussion mailing list

We now have a new MyLinux discussion list at This list will be the "official" general news and information email list for the MyLinux PLW project.

You can see from the address that this emaill ist is based out of the MyLinux Development Project site on SourceForge. This is part our on going effort to turn our home on SourceForge to the central information exchange for users
and developers interested in the MyLinux PLW project.... read more

Posted by Alan Dayley 2001-05-31

MyLinux PLW Home Page

I uploaded my pages to SF and it looks like there is a small problem - all of the images are lost.

Even without the images, which I will try to get straightened out later, your comments, criticisms, and suggestions are always welcome.


Posted by J Wedge 2001-05-30

Live site annouced to mailing list

Hello All,

We now have a live sourceforge web site to begin using. It still needs LOTS of content added but live usage has begun. With two new volunteer admins, Rob is free to work the development team to hardware release and we have activity on the site.

One of the new admins is farli, as his sourceforge user name is. He also goes by Jim. He has already built the prototype of a new PLW home page and will, I assume, be basing new sourceforge content on that work. He will create something to be gladly linked to, I am sure.... read more

Posted by Alan Dayley 2001-05-30

Another admin!

Our new SF home page admin is farli. Jim comes fresh off a project prototyping new home pages for MyLinux PLW. He will be admin for the home page, (Getting the PLW out to the world!) As well as backup admin the project site at

Thanks for taking on the task! Look for his work to appear soon.

Posted by Alan Dayley 2001-05-30

Additional admin assigned.

SourceForge user, alandond has been added as an additional admin for the MyLinux PLW SourceForge site. Alan Dayley comes with enthusiasm for the project and is working to make the site a living being. He will be handling the project side of the SourceForge site to increase communication between to project developers and those interested in PLW.

Look for more help and content coming!

Posted by Alan Dayley 2001-05-30