WVS - Winamp Visual System sub-project created.

Winamp Visual System is a visualization plugin for Winamp and a general system applet, using the myLCD API.
WVS employs a page based user interface. Each page contains an individual functional applet, of those 3 are dedicated to Winamp; Main track display, playlist and EQ.
Other pages include network bandwidth meter, process list, general system info (CPU usage, HDD space, etc..), Ati tray tools, RSS feed and a Calendar.

Dancinglights - Using the G15 keyboard backlight and M1/2/3/R LEDS to represent audio level (a VU).
Audio graphs - 2x Bar graph, oscilloscope and VU display.
A playlist creator - Create playlists of your favorite tracks, add those you love, remove those you hate.
An EQ - Adjust your equalizer settings from within the applet rather than Winamp's own buggy interface.
Bandwidth - Bandwidth log and stats with multiple interface support.
Process list - A task manager of sorts featuring process kill, process module list and per process stats.
Ati Tray Tools - Display GPU & env temp, FPS, AA & AF settings, GPU & memory frequency and fan speed.
RSS - An RSS 2.0 applet, set URL within mylcd.dat.
Screen saver - Particles (a proper screen saver! Not that an LCD actually requires one...)
Audio device selection - Select audio device for internal Wave and/or Master volume control.
Config page - Adjust and save preferences.
Unicode - Supports UTF8 and Asian encodings such as S/JIS and GBK/Big5.
.. and more.

YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ELEeO2wqk8

Posted by Michael McE 2007-05-23