myLCD 0.30.0 Released

myLCD is a cross platform and modular framebuffer and text rendering library catering for display (LCD) controllers such as the SED1335, SED1565, T6963C, KS0108, PCD8544, etc.. myLCD aims to provide an extendible framework package.

Brief overview of whats new in v0.30.0:
- Multiple display support.
- myLCD can now simultaneously drive multiple displays independently of each other.
- Support for SED1335 controllers.
- Support for T6963C controllers.
- USB support via the FT245 FTDI chip.
- Beta S1D15G14 and PCF8814 display drivers.
- Remote display support via a TCP/IP display bridge.
- Frame render time reduced by as much as 24pc when back buffer is enabled.

Project page:

Complete changelog:

Posted by Michael McE 2006-09-08