#17 Find/Replace issue


Using v1.3.0.1

First off, thanks for such a great tool!

Ctrl+F > enter a search term > Match Whole Word Only > Wrap Around > Enter >
word is found > Esc (to close search dialog) > F3 > Application locks up and need to end it and restart.
This does not happen all the time, but often.
Sometimes it also happens keeping the dialog open and using the
'Find Next' button. When it does, I see that the 'Find What' dropdown is empty (maybe a clue).
Prior versions had similar lockups, but not nearly as often.

When a search is finished and dialog is closed, focus is to another open application and not MyGeneration.

I know how difficult it is to track down erratic problems, so if I find anything more definitive, I will post back.


  • Ken

    I have an issue with Find and replace - when using replace after it finds the first item - the combobox for the search item goes blank , pressing findnext of course does not work at that point. Then if you select your search item again and findnext - from that point on it will function correctly for all the remaining findnext in the document. Close the Replace window and open again ..and you have the firstitem found - the next item is not found (because combobox text goes blank) - put your item backin again and it will find the rest.

    On the find front - sometimes it will not find objects even if you can visually see the items it is supposed to find - it will say text not found.. I have not put my finger on when this occurs yet.