#692 Trouble with dependency plugin


It seems like that in mycore-base there is a new maven-plugin to check, if dependencies are atually used. But for example, the mysql-Driver is never used in an import statement.

            <!-- used by jdom 2.0.5 -->
            <!-- used by commons-vfs -->
            <!-- used by svnkit -->
            <!-- used in hibernate tests -->
            <!-- used by hibernate -->
            <!-- used by hibernate -->
            <!-- used for XML catalog resolving -->


So this plugin seems to check, if dependencies are used and for quite a lot of dependencies (jaxen, mysql-driver, jcraft, jna, hsqldb, slf4j, javassist, jersey and xml-reader) the dependencies are not needed at compile time.
As the plugin detects it, it stops the build.

Here are two solutions proposed:

One solution is to change to the scope from "compile" to "runtime". The other one is to set the ignoreNonCompile option.
I chose to change the scope of all affected dependencies.

  <!-- required by jdom 2.0.5 -->

It fixed the build-process. I attached my mycore-base/pom.xml.

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  • What is the problem? MyCoRe builds fine here and at Jenkins. What part does MySQL play here?

  • Actually, I can't reproduce this problem anymore.
    I did a SVN-revert on my pom.xml and now it works. But in the past it crashed though I didN't touch it. I has to change the things as I described to get it running.
    Strange,... Sorry for that disturbance :/

    • status: open --> closed