Error evaluating examples/try_catch.xq

  •   Hi,

      I've just unzipped the binary distribution, and tried to execute a
    query from the 'examples' directory, and got the following error:

        mxquery-bin-0.6.0> java -jar dist/mxquery.jar -11m \                            -f examples/try_catch.xq
        MXQuery 0.6.0
        <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>
        err:XPTY0004 Type xs:string in AdditiveIterator is not allowed.


      Hope that helps,

    Florent Georges

    • Hi Florent,

      thanks for your feedback. I was on vacation when you posted this comment, so please apologize the delay.

      Actually, the output is of this example is the desired behavior:

      try {
          2 + "3"
      } catch(*, $ecode, $desc) {
          string-join(($ecode, $desc), " ")

      The error is caught, and both the error code and the error description are put out as a string.