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How to transfer parameters?

  • Simon Braun
    Simon Braun


    I try to call MXQuery via Console. This just works fine.
    But if i want to transfer some external parameter, it doesn't work anymore.
    I read in the doku to use option -e, but if I do so, I get the exception "Incorrect format to set external variable"
    Command: "java -jar mxquery.jar -f Autosar_Namechecker.xq -e " + path_xq
    where path_xq names the variable.

    And how do I receive the external variable in the XQuery file?

    Thanks for your help.
    Best regards,

  • Simon Braun
    Simon Braun

    For those who are interested, the solution command sounds:
    "java -jar mxquery.jar -f Autosar_Namechecker.xq -e xq_path=" + xq_path
    You have to name the variable in command with the same name as in the XQuery file.