Redirect Mails possible?


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    Hey Superheroes :)

    Here is my scenario and please let me know if mxHero can help me?

    1] I would like to setup a redirect policy, like say I have example domain and info id is generally published on INTERNET. now I would like to configure Redirect policy that whenever known foreign sender sends any mail to that should be redirect to certain ID. e.g. business Partner with email ID  --> shoudl redirect to another example mail from another BP --> should redirect to

    2] Going further just wanted to know if I can add or specify rule based on Content? i.e if the mail body or subject contain "marketing" "inquiry" >>> should redirect to  OR
    "Sales" from>  should redirect to



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    Ok - Seems wiretap sender/receiver and wiretap content should suffice my need? I may be wrong, am I?

  • For the first one it looks like with Redirect plugin you should be ok. You can choose From: To: them redirect to

    The second one, you can add rules about content on the body of the email, but we don't have any rule for the subject, we could add one in other releases, you may feel free to ad a feature request here on sourceforge.



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    Agree!! But you know I tried deploying it as a wiretap content and main issue is. I can not add two rules for same ID but with different forwarding addresses.

    Like say first rule is added from --> with Content IT Copy email

    Now if I try to add one more rule for another domain it say the rule is already added

    e.g. --> with content Sales -->Foward it to = This prompts an error says the rule already exists.

    Any clue how can I overcome this?

  • That example should be fine since the From: part is different from the other …. the only case when mxHero should give you that error is when you are trying to set the same From/To combination … and I am not seeing that fro your example since in one case is from and the other case is from  them you are talking about two different address there.
    If you are having that error send me the exact From and To combination so I can check out what is happening.

    If you are using the Content to send the email to one address or another and the From/To are the same them it makes sense, and we should think this a little more, cause the hole idea was not to make rules that could step once over the other …


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    Just a correction the Wiretap content filter is not able to differentiate the rules between Keyword. As I exaplained above Sender could be Anyone --->  Keyword Sales --> COPY to

    Rule 2 : ANYONE --. Keyword IT ---> FWD to

    Rule 3: ANYONE --> Keyword marketing --> FWD to

    IF I try to do this system doesn't allow me to add the said rules.

  • Ok, now that make sense to me. We made it that way to make simple use of rules in all features, now wiretap makes sense to have more than one action for the same From/To. I think that we won't change how features are restricted by the From/To but we may change wiretap to have more than one action depending on words. If you really need this please add a feature request on sourceforge so we can take it on mind for future releases. Our 1.6.0 is already close but we may add to other releases, each release takes about a month.