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mxflib doesn't compile - sourcemeta.h m...

  • This is my first topic here so hello everybody!
    I use MXFlib ver 1.0.1 to read and write MXF files and it works quite cool. However I noticed that there has been a lot of interesting updates in CVS repo that could be useful for my app ( for example metadictionary handling ). Unfortunately, I cannot compile the most up to date code because there is utility/sourcemeta.h file missing there. Could anyone take a look at it?

  • Oliver Morgan
    Oliver Morgan

    we have a bunch of updates nearly ready to check in, but it is hard to take time away from our product work

  • Thank you for fast reply.
    Is it possible to estimate more a less when stable/compilable version could be expected? I'm mostly interested in metadict features for my Avid MXF writer.

  • Oliver Morgan
    Oliver Morgan

    It is hard to say, because we always do the paid work first.
    FYI, Avid-specific features will not be put into opensource.