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#4 Non-admin Status Interface


We wish to add a Web Interface to the device that is tailored for non-
administrative users. This screen should be configurable and not
allow any configuration changes of the device.

Further details need to be spec'd out for this RFE such as
* Should there be a guest username/password
* What information should be able to be enabled
* What information should be able to be configured on/off for display


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    Perhaps if you add checkboxes beside all of the items that
    would be viewable in the admin screen so you can customize
    exactly what you want to be shown.

    Also space above that for a mesage (including html) so the
    admin can leave a message or instructions for use of
    whatever service it offers

  • Logged In: YES

    Initially we will have a 'static' non-admin page for info purposes. In a later v1.0
    release we can implement the customisation of this page.

    • assigned_to: nobody --> markwallis
    • status: open --> closed
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    Completed in current BETA