#1 Phase 3: WLAN Routing Support


Phase 2 of the project will be focused on incorporating routing
functionality into the device. This will allow the WLAN interface to be
setup as a WAN connection with appropriate NAT and firewall
configuration available.

Phase 2 will incorporate all features from Phase 1 plus the following
* Routing mode with WLAN interface as WAN connection
* Firewall and NAT configuration
* DHCP Client and PPTP Client for WAN connection

This feature request will be expanded out into multiple task-specific
RFE's once this feature is fully scoped using community input.


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    Dynamic routing protocols such as OSPF, RIP, etc will also be
    investigated as part of this phase.

    • summary: Routing Support --> Phase 2: WLAN Routing Support
  • dna0xff

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    This would be good for people that have a WISP type of
    Internet connection, the same configuration would also allow
    setting up the opposite, vis: Wired connection to internet
    with wireless only clients, kind of like a Internet router
    with zero wired ports.

    Routing: appropriate Kernel configuration
    Firewall & NAT: iptables rules to set up WAN & LAN using
    environemnt variables for the interfaces, would allow either
    configuration ( wireless WAN & Wired LAN or Wired WAN &
    wireless LAN ) by flipping two variables.
    DHCP client: can be built as part of busybox now.

    May also want to use DNSMASQ to do the DHCP Server and DNS
    proxy in one hit.

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    We will look at this after the OpenWRT migration.

    • milestone: 530670 --> v3.0_Major_Release
    • summary: Phase 2: WLAN Routing Support --> Phase 3: WLAN Routing Support