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#58 Re-Write TV Guide

Simon Hyde
Simon Hyde

The TV Guide needs re-writing for a number of reasons:

1. The current code assumes that all programs either start on the hour, or 30 minutes past it, and have a duration in multiples of 30 minutes. This makes it worse than useless outside North America, where it's common to have show durations and start times which don't fit this pattern.

2. It's put GUI code into libcmyth. There shouldn't be any GUI code in libcmyth.

3. It doesn't conform to the viewport.

4. The TV Guide is hard-coded to be very MythTV specific, this prevents it from ever being extended to work with (for example) VDR.

I have started work on this re-write, but haven't done anything on it for a month or so. My current WIP (which has a working guide, but none of the hooks in/out of it) can be found at: