mclient/slimserver and ogg vorbis audio?

Dan Rollo
  • Dan Rollo
    Dan Rollo

    Sorry for the dumb question, but I can't find a clear answer so far: Does the mclient support playback of ogg vorbis audio files? (Even dumber: Does the latest slimserver support serving ogg vorbis audio files?)

    Whenever I try to play vobis files, mclient give me an error. It plays mp3's fine.


    • Rick Stuart
      Rick Stuart

      We are a bit "lite" on documentation ;-).  However, the HOWTOs are good. But, you are right, they don't cover this...

      Ok, mclient only supports MP3 decoding.  The Slimserver transcodes everything is can to this format including ogg files.  I just got done testing with server 6.1.1 and it works fine.

      But it doesn't stop there!  MVPMC can it's self decode ogg (and a bunch of other formats)  when you NFS mount these types of files.

      I would suggest you test your set up.  First try playing the ogg files with a known good player like XMMS on your desk top computer.  Then you might try to run Softsqueeze, an emulation of a Slimp3 client, on the same machine.  You can start up Softsqueeze from the Slimserver web interface using your browser. Then, if you have one, do the same on a remote machine.  If all this works, the mclient should work as well.  Let us know if is doesn't.

      By the way, what mclient displays is controlled by the server.  If you are getting an error message on the mclient widget - it's probably the server telling you something is wrong with the ogg files.  So, what is the server telling you?