MVPMC 0.3.1 and Live TV on Myth 0.19

  • Wayne

    When I tried to watch live tv with MVPMC 0.3.0 (the prior version), a message came up that said that MVPMC didn't support live tv with my version of Mythbackend.  I use Mythbackend 0.19 (protocol 26).  Now that I've upgraded to MVPMC 0.3.1, that message is gone, which leads me to believe that MVPMC 0.3.1 is supposed to support Live TV for Mythbackend 0.19.  Am I wrong about this?

    Now, when I try to watch live tv, it brings up my TV listings, but when I go to watch something, it doesn't work, and tells me "It is taking unusually long to initiate live TV.  This is most likely because mvpmc can't resolve the backend's host name."

    I doubt this, though, because according to log files on mythbackend, I am hitting it:
    2006-11-05 17:45:45.420 MainServer::HandleAnnounce Playback
    2006-11-05 17:45:45.421 adding: as a client (events: 0)
    2006-11-05 17:45:45.462 TVRec(1): Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV

    Meanwhile the MVPMC is still saying "Please wait...", the pretty red bar still is going back and forth, and when I finally give up and shutdown my MediaMVP, the logs say:

    2006-11-05 17:51:47.535 TVRec(1): Changing from WatchingLiveTV to None
    2006-11-05 17:51:47.628 Finished recording House Hunters "Vegas Vacation Home": channel 1053
    (Channel 1053 wasn't the channel I picked anyway)

    Other clues - when I pull up the channel listings it says:
    2006-11-05 17:45:11.929 TVRec(2): Your channel ordering method "channel number (numeric)"
                            will not work with channels like:
                            Consider switching to order by "database order"
                            or "channel number (alpha)" in the general
                            settings section of the frontend setup
                            Switched to channum order.
    2006-11-05 17:45:11.935 TVRec(2): Channel: ' ' was not found in the database.
                            Most likely, the default channel set for this input
                            cardid 2, input 'Tuner'
                            in setup is wrong
    But the channel listings still came up just fine, so I don't really suspect any problems here.

    Anyway, any ideas anyone?  Thanks!