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Audio-video sync problem

  • Ken Peterson
    Ken Peterson

    My mediaMVPs play back recorded (and "live") programs with about a one second lag between them which makes it unwatchable.  The video is about a second faster than the audio.  An actor will stop talking with their mouth visually and you can still hear the audio delayed.  Any idea how I can cure this?  I am using myth protocol, not NFS.  Playing with ringbuffer size has no apparent impact, nor does TCP window size in MVPMC setup for MythTV.  I am using the latest pre-made dongle.  Hardware is robust, X2 4400, 2 GB RAM, Myth running on a SATA Raptor, video store data on another drive.  Audio/Video sync is fine when viewed directly from the backend or on a front end running on a PC.  The sync problems only happen when using the MVP to watch "live" TV or anything that is recorded.

    • clifford

      me too - same problem.