Some basic questions about functionality

  • cb_kdl

    I'm running a MythTV backend server (version 0.21), and a front-end minimyth (version 0.21) on a mini-itx machine. I'd now like another front-end for a second TV, and mvpmc on a mediamvp looks like it may be ideal. But before I actually buy the hardware to start experimenting, I wonder if someone could reassure me about whether mvpmc as a mythtv front-end supports the following features:

    - display recordings organised by their defined recording groups
    - pause & resume playback of recordings
    - skip forward & back and jump forward & back when playing recordings
    - skip by an entered number of minutes when playing recordings
    - volume adjustment
    - access to recording options (so recordings can be moved to other groups, deleted, etc)
    - works with a 0.21 backend

    I don't need the ability to set up recordings via mvpmc - that can be done from the other front-end or with mythweb. Nor do I need Live TV capability.

    One final question about network booting mvpmc. My backend is Ubuntu (ie. Debian based) and most of the guides I've seen refer to using atftpd on Debian. I'm currently running tftpd-hpa. It's unclear whether I would need to change to atftpd.