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Can MVPMC Pause, Rewind & Fast forward?

  • I saw on the FAQ that MVPMC can't skip commercials...  So now that's got me wondering if it can:
    1. Pause, Rewind, & Fast Forward recorded programs.
    2. Pause, Rewind, & Fast Forward (from paused state to real time state) Live TV

    This is integral to my wife's acceptance.

    • vdb

      Well, the answers to this are:
      1) Yes, yes & yes, no problem.
      2) Yes, yes & obviously only when it still has time ahead to ff to.

      I use this frequently now, and it works nicely. Beware that you will have to use a dongle from the "daily build" section if you use MythTV v0.19. The 0.30 dongle does not work with MythTV v0.19.