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Maven Flex Plugin Release 2.2.0 Available

Maven Flex Plugin 2.2.0 is available.

See the changelog at

Posted by A.Desmarais 2009-04-14

Release 2.1.1 available

Maven Flex Plugin 2.1.1 available

* A new property has been added : stopBuildOnFlashPlayerFailure : if set to false, the build process continues when no Flash Player has been found on the system.
* Major bug fixes on archetypes.
* Some improvements added to the documentation.
* Minor bugs fixed.

Posted by A.Desmarais 2009-01-26

Release 2.1.0 available

This release contains several bug fixes for Eclipse Mojo and maven archetypes.

See the changelog

Posted by A.Desmarais 2009-01-07

Release 2.0.1 available

Bug fixes for eclipse mojo, see the changelog

Posted by A.Desmarais 2008-12-08

Release 2.0.0 available

The new ServeBox - Maven Flex Plugin Release 2.0.0 is available.

Learn more at
plugin site at

Posted by A.Desmarais 2008-12-01

0.9.2 Release available.

This release includes bug fixes and FlexUnit support. Details can be found on

Posted by Jeff-ServeBox 2007-05-30

0.9.2 Release available soon.

It will include Unit testing wrapping and ASDoc generation.

Posted by Jeff-ServeBox 2007-05-10

Release 0.9.1 available

The plugin is now compiling SWF files. See

Posted by Jeff-ServeBox 2007-05-04

0.5.2 Release available

This release enables swc libraries builds.

Posted by Jeff-ServeBox 2007-04-18