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MV3D / News: Recent posts

MV3D 0.80 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of MV3D 0.80! The highlights of this version are a revamped toolchain which should enable a better workflow for building new content. Some of the improvements include tabbed tools instead of docked windows, a property grid for editing, and support for 3rd party asset types. Also in this version is the first example gameplay system-- the stats system. To support it is a new component system that loads objects from an xml template and attaches components such as the new stats system. Finally, many improvements to the low level server code were made including initial support for asynchronous database connections, and a new JSON based protocol which can be used instead of PB to support clients written in languages other than Python.... read more

Posted by Mike Handverger 2013-07-03

Announcing MV3D 0.70!

We are pleased to announce the release version 0.70 of MV3D! This release includes a massive amount of new features and over 70 bug-fixes. The main focus was on usability and involved a large amount of work on tools. In 0.70, Panda3D support was brought up to par with animation, terrain texture splatting, and sky-domes. One of the things we are most excited about is the Windows development environment installer. This is an easy installer that will quickly set up any Windows system to develop MV3D. If you've been watching the project and want to get involved, there's no better time!... read more

Posted by Mike Handverger 2012-01-22

MV3D 0.60 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of MV3D version 0.60! This release focused on scalability of worlds and includes support for splitting a single area across multiple server processes with automatic load balancing and redundancy. Areas can now be connected together using gateways to build worlds limited in size only by the amount of available hardware. The Overseer Cluster Management tool was upgraded in order to better handle many processes across multiple physical servers. Camera controls across all content tools have been unified.... read more

Posted by Mike Handverger 2011-08-07

MV3D Goes Beta!

With the release of version 0.50 on Feburary 18, 2011, MV3D officially entered beta. This is a great step forward for the project and represents 5 years of work. The framework gains several major features this release such as a new path-finding system for computer controlled characters (NPCs) and support for the Panda3D rendering engine.

Besides new features, an incredible amount of bugs have been fixed. Many of these include performance and tool chain fixes which together make this the most stable release of MV3D to date. To add to the polish, in 0.50, a user manual was added as a reference to new users.... read more

Posted by Mike Handverger 2011-02-19