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Collection caching in v1.2.2


The v1.2.2 tarball has been posted.

The main new feature in v1.2.2 is collection caching.
* upon login only 'My Collections' data is loaded
* each new collection is loaded on demand, then cached
* 'Reload' button added:
- each time 'Reload' is hit we retrieve an updated collection
- if we're in a singular collection and hit 'Reload' then only
that collection gets purged and reloaded.
- if we're in 'My Collections' or 'Free Collections' then all
sub collections are purged. The top collection is reloaded... read more

Posted by Ronen Botzer 2003-11-15

v1.2.1 tarball has been posted

Hi all,

New features in v1.2.1 include:
* option for presenting your collections publicly - works with external software
such as the Movable Type plug-in
* Support for Buddy Collections
* Support for two audio playlist formats (M3U, PLSv2) in Playlist Type option
* Fixed many bugs, including ASX support, 'generic' video player support via
URL redirections (good for browser plug-ins), and the IE 6 login bug... read more

Posted by Ronen Botzer 2003-11-09

Security warning

If you have installed Muse.Net PHP SDK it is recommended that you remove the view_source.php file. It's a stale file left over from development which may compromise your machine to a certain extent by allowing users to display any globally readable file on your system.

Ronen Botzer

Posted by Ronen Botzer 2003-10-11

v1.2.0 tarball has been posted


New features in v1.2.0 include:
* Fully automated clientservices retrieval system - muse_wrapper will download the WSDL file and (re)generate muse_clientservices. For anyone who has already downloaded a previous version of the SDK, just remove the lib/clientservices.wsdl file, and muse_wrapper will do the rest.
* ID3 tag editing
* Support for Free Collections
* Support for video players other than DivX. To modify your player go to Options > Video Player. WMP supported through ASX video playlists and Quicktime Player, Real ONE/Player, DivX supported through SMIL.
* Layout changes - mainly show/hide playlists... read more

Posted by Ronen Botzer 2003-10-07

v1.2.0 Muse.Net SDK coming soon


In a few days I will post v1.2.0 of Muse.Net SDK. The new code includes support for Free collections and Muse Buddies. The Buddies features will allow user to enable other Muse.Net users to browse their collections.

Self deployment and updating of a Muse.Net PHP client has been improved with the client actively seeking changes in the server's WSDL. The client will download the new clientservices WSDL and regenerate the muse_clientservices class.... read more

Posted by Ronen Botzer 2003-08-30

v1.1.0 tarball is posted


Version 1.1 of the SDK has a couple of new features (playlists and SmartNames) as well as numerous bug fixes.

Upgrading to this version is recommended for anyone who's currently hacking musephpsdk. Anyone new to the SDK should use this version as well.

1. Playlists have been enabled in Muse.Net SDK. You can add any combination of artists/albums/tracks to create a playlist. Multiple playlists can be saved server-side.
2. SmartNames - normalizes the titles you may have inherited from CDDB ("The Specials" => "Specials, The" for example). This option is ON by default, but may be toggled through the 'Options' link in the site.... read more

Posted by Ronen Botzer 2003-07-23

v1.0.2. tarball available


I just uploaded the v1.0.2 tarball. The fixes involve Unicode support through UTF-8 encoding.

Upgrading to this version is reccomended for anyone who's currently hacking musephpsdk. Anyone new to the SDK should use this version as well.


Posted by Ronen Botzer 2003-05-28

Next tarball imminent!

Hi all,

Sorry about the delay, but we''ve been working hard on a long list of bugs for the next release.

The main feature will be greatly improved Unicode support using UTF-8 encoding.

I expect to post the new 1.0.2 tarball this weekend.

Stay tuned,

Posted by Ronen Botzer 2003-05-14

v1.0.1 tarball posted

Version 1.0.1 of Muse.Net PHP SDK has been posted.
The main changes are support for register_globals = Off and changes that speed up the login time (mostly in muse-core files).

It's recommended that anyone using the 1.0 PHP SDK update their files to the latest release.

Ronen Botzer.

Posted by Ronen Botzer 2003-04-09