#361 Updated French & Turkish translations


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The attached archive contains completed ts catalogs for French and Turkish which also "feature" typo fixes. You'll also find the installer translation in French with a couple of typos slashed and a brand new installer file in Turkish. Seriously, you should have yelled at me when I first posted the Turkish translation for completely missing this on the wiki (make it blink or something?).

Anyway, please note that I couldn't test that installer stuff because I'm not using Windows, so you /want/ do double check it.

Finally, in the previous post about the Turkish locale dd0t stated the following: "(...) our English ts files used for the base of our translations do not include strings in Qt itself (meaning things like the "Close" button translation etc.) and from what I can see Qt doesn't ship a Turkish translation for those. (...) I'll raise the issue internally and see whether the others have any idea how to best resolve this." Any news on this?

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  • Anonymous

    Archive includes mumble_fr.ts, mumble_tr.ts, French.wxl and Turkish.wxl. Updated on Oct 18th with a catalog in Turkish after fixing a couple of stupid typos I had introduced.

  • Stefan H.
    Stefan H.

    Merged as:
    d74ea83 Update Turkish translation and add installer Translation
    16b38b6 Update French translation

    Thanks. As to the Qt strings...we did indeed look into that and I totally forgot what we found out ;-) I'll reply in here once I've dug it up again. Sorry about that.