Get ORCA msi editor (free), open your mumble msi and then go under transform menu to create new Transform

  • Go into the table 'Feature' and modify the field Level on the row with Murmur to the value 1 (was 1000)
  • Go into the table 'Property' and ADD a row with property 'LicenceAccepted' with value '1'
  • ADD another row in the 'Property' table with Property 'INSTALLLEVEL' and a value of '1'

Take notice of the case of properties !

Then go into the Transform menu and select 'Generate Transform' and it will create the transform for you.

Install the msi like this :

msiexec /i mumble.msi TRANSFORM=your_transform_file.mst /qn

Last edit: Glowsome 2014-02-07