#967 Really need volume control per user

Mumble (514)

I understand that you have had numerous requests for this and you always go back to AGC. However, this missing feature is the only reason why my guild of 40+ will not move over to it. We tried it for a few weeks and they hated not being able to change individual volume control. Some people were too soft, some way too loud. Trying to explain to A LOT of people how to get their sound level correct via audio wizard and amplification is tedious and many people would just rather go back to what they know.

I understand that everyone should not have to suffer because of a few people, but it really is a hassle trying to tell someone how to fix it step by step. I do my best to do so but people would just rather change someones volume instead of directing the how to do so. People are used to Ventrilo and are afraid of change, why not put this option in (it won't HURT anything) and help some people move over to mumble more easily.

I know I am not alone in this camp either, almost everyone wants it. Who doesn't want more options/customization? Anyways, I just thought I'd voice that this is the only reason we do not use mumble anymore (even though I love all it's other features).


  • Angie

    In my guild, there is one player that I can barely hear. Everyone else is fine. Also, everyone else can hear that player fine.

    Clearly, if I had the means to do so in Mumble, I could turn that player up and solve the problem. But there is no such option in Mumble, so my alternatives are to turn up the inbound audio in Mumble or to turn up my overall computer volume level. If I do either though, everyone else is WAY too loud.

    The user I can't hear refuses to turn up his outbound level in Mumble, saying it will then be too loud for everyone but me. Although I think the AGC would cut down his level since AGC is generally much better at attenuating overly strong signals than it is at boosting weak signals, he doesn't feel he needs to try turning himself up since everyone but me can hear him just fine. Clearly, the finger of blame for not being able to hear him is pointing squarely at me even though it may not be justified at all.

    The Mumble FAQs say that individual volume controls are neither "required nor wanted." I beg to differ: although they may not be required or wanted by the design philosophy paradigm that says "AGC is enough," such individual controls are badly needed in the real-world application of the Mumble client.

    Respectfully, the design paradigm that prevents a feature that is being begged for by thousands of real-world users is, simply, wrong.

  • fsxx2

    The implementation of an individual volume control
    and an equalizer would accommodate requirements from
    real world scenarios:

    1) Users unable or unwilling to perfectly setup Mumble,
    be it for technical or natural reasons (see below).

    2) Users having individual auditive perception (and
    processing). No-one has a linear frequency response,
    and different users find different characteristics
    of a speaker's voice (or other noises) annoying to
    a varying extent -- be it due to technical parameters
    like frequency or amplitude, or simply that some
    sound triggers flashbacks of whatever traumatic

    Thanks for your consideration.

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  • Kissaki

    The audio wizard exists so that you do not have to guide them through their mic setup step by step.
    The audio wizard should be elaborative enough.

    So much for the theory of it …

  • Zenxarllsnim

    I've gone through three separate tickets of requesting user/user volume control. This is definitely a desired feature. The wizard should be enough, but frankly some users are quicker on the up take than others, and you can't tell how it's going to effect other people's audio and hardware configurations until it's in the field. +1, definitely. Been wanting this for a long time.

  • HotRod

    This is a real issue trough all servers that I have been to.
    People do not properly adjust the settings, and would rather go back to TS.

    A volume control to adjust players are a must.