#952 simplify certificate


teamspeak 3 creates a certificate for the user without him doing anything.
also the certificate is not coupled to a name, at each connect you can choose a name.
these two points dont add to security but it came to my attention that there are quite a few gamers who are not that smart - they need simplicity.

in mumble when my friends forgot to save their certificate they always tried to change the nick in the connect dialog and wondered why it failed.


  • Stefan H.
    Stefan H.

    Well. Unless you bind a certificate to an account there is not much use in having authentication at all.

    Meaning if you loose you certificate, just as if you forget your password in a pw based system, you loose access to your account.

    Now if you still have the certificate being able to rename yourself is something we are thinking about adding. We are not yet sure whether it is a good idea for ppl. being able to rename themselves (for example you could get registered with an uncritical name and then rename yourself to a name close to an administrator's to trick others to admin you). If we add it we would also need to add an ACL to control it.

    Concerning certificate creation. We already simplified that as much as we could. The automatic creation no longer asks for any data and just creates the certificate (unless you ask it otherwise).