#768 Add notification for messages in Windows taskbar

Mumble (514)

I would like it if there was a feature which enabled a notification to flash on the taskbar when messages have not been read in the channel, such as with most chat clients. This would mean if the popup or sound are missed, the user can still see that they have messages pending in the channel.


  • Fox F
    Fox F

    I don't see an "upvote" feature for feature requests, so let me say, I agree!

    While my group of gamers/friends uses Mumble largely for VoIP, its chat function is of significant use. As is often the case, some people are deafened but want to participate in the text conversation while multi-tasking.

    A new feature request tends to get balanced by ease of implementation, demand by users, and potential downfalls.

    To add a GUI option for "flash taskbar on new chat message" wouldn't take more than a day to put in (likely less) for the core devs, and would be quite a benefit for people using Mumble as a text chatroom.