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#739 Text Messages On Overlay


It would be really nice if you'd have an option to show text messages (both private and channel-wide) to show up on the overlay for 30 seconds or something. Right now you have to switch to mumble to see what someone wrote and if you're busy in fullscreen mode for quite some time it's easy to forget to check out what was written to you.

I'm sorry if this is a duplicate request, I only browsed the first 5 pages of requests or so.


  • Anonymous

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    When enjoying game with my guildies, someone use channel chat who cant use mic. ALT+Tabbing is so annoying thing when fullscreen gaming.

    Especially in my guild case, enjoying game in North American server that cant support Hangul(Korean) input/output. So it would be great can see Hangul channel message in overlay.

    Option for show log messages also be great.

    Thx for developing free(libre), awesome software. It's Audio(Mic) setup wizard was best among other client. Vent, Teamspek etc..


  • Anonymous

    Very much what I'd like as well. There are times, when someone doesn't have a microphone, it is broken or something like that.

    As how the games look differs quite a lot, I think it would be wice to allow users configure the overlay a bit - position, text size, transparency etc. Having a fixed location with fixed color etc. can result in text showing over an important region on the screen (spells affecting you, skill list, game subtitles, etc.).

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