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#643 Plugin: automatic space placement

Mumble (514)
Michal Sochon

Idea of the plugin for positional audio.

Imagine that you sit alone agains a people in row in front of you in range say, 2 meters, each user separated 1m between each other. First user would land in front of player, Plugin would automaticlaly expand and place new users on right, and left side of the existing row users.

So instead of all users heard from singe place (or using manual 3d placement plugin that requires ALL users to use and even worse, to configure it), the user that would enable that plugin would get automatically separated users in space, thus making it much easier to distinguish voices.


Feature Requests: #1008


  • Dirk Krüger
    Dirk Krüger

    That was the original intention of the manual audio plugin, but it seams to be to hard to implement. I know TS3 has exact the feature you ask for

  • Kissaki

    If implemented,
    this would be separate from the current positional audio infrastructure.
    The current one uses positional data provided by the server (through other clients).
    Instead this implementation would have to take priority over (or not; at least a defined result) the pos audio plugins. It would be single client-side logic.

    Currently, full surround output is not implemented.
    Thus, for such a positional system it should currently position users in a left-right plane/line.

    The suggestion itself is a good one.

  • Ubick

    That's exactly the feature I'm looking for !
    I'd like so much that it'll be implemented in mumble. I don't want to use another soft to speak with my friend but I'll never be able to make everyone else configure there manual position plugin...
    From my point of view, it's not so important that the virtual space positioning is done automaticaly, it could be manualy configure on the client activating the feature for all other user (and for his ears only).

    Last edit: Ubick 2013-04-13