#596 Make mumble URLs to non-existent channels create them temp

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Philip Cass

It might be useful to have a mumble://user@server/channel URL such that, if the channel doesn't exist, it gets created as a temporary channel - either something like mumble://user@server/channel?version=1.2.0&temp=yes, or just make that the default behaviour.
The use-case is a web-based game lobby matchmaking system in which players group together and join one of a pool of servers (or a lobby leader-designated server) using the steam:// protocol - if channels did not have to be created, users could also be directed into correct team channels without the need to coordinate channel creation


  • jakov

    There should be an option "temp=ask" to bring up the create temporary channel dialog for further options. Imagine setting up a seperate temporary room for a meeting and posting its data somewhere as a link. The first person arriving might want to specify some notes and other features of the temp room. There could be even more options like setting the comment and the rules, e.g. "mumble://user@server/channel/temp_staffroom?version=1.2.0&temp=yes&comment=only+for+staff&whisper=deny:@all,allow:@admin".

    In my opinion this could significantly decrease the need for fixed rooms.