#344 Allow to move more than one player at once


The title says it all... I would be great to be able to select more than one people at once to switch them from one channel to another.

On our game scenario, we often have to be divided into 2 teams so we need to be switched channel from the admin (instead of everyone alt-tabing, only one person switch the players) and then we come back in the same channel for debriefing or other.

With 3-4 players in each team it isn't that bad but more than 6 players in each team and we wish for such a feature... :) Would it be hard to implement?


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    Perhaps a better solution might be a configurable hotkey that tries to move you up or down one channel? Then you could have your Team A, Debriefing, and Team B rooms - everyone starts in the debriefing, then everyone presses the hotkey to move up or down a channel to their respective teams. (Without alt+tabbing.)

    It could have limitations, like it won't go up to a parent channel, but would still be very useful within a given channel cluster.