#127 Easy refresh of users, welcometext etc would be nice

Murmur (113)

First: I have added commandtime=1 to my murmur.ini, but maybe I am really doing something wrong, so if this is already working, please tell me how

Symptom: During my developement of a Webfrontend I found out that the server won't change welcometext and users until I shut down the server and start it again.

Request: I would like to see a method which updates the server settings and display the new one to the new users. (eg I would like to change max_user (users) at runtime)

Is there any chance of getting this in?


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    Most of the configuration variables make no sense to change at runtime. For example, changing the port #, SSL certificate, bandwidth etc all require clients to reconnect.

    BTW, if you set configuration data with DBus setConf(), you just need to stopServer() and startServer().

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