#1160 Add a gif player on the chat.

Alexis Leroy


I thought it would be great to add a gif player on the chat. We could turn it on/off by cliking on it, like on 9gag.
Also we could post the gif via url like "http://omgdemswag.fom/ultimatetard.gif" or in the folder selecting .gif files.


  • Antoine Sierro
    Antoine Sierro

    I find it a good idea, but gif is known to be a virus nest, an ideal way to deal with it is to recompile the gif before sending it, for instance doing it with PNG slideshows like Google does it in g+. But I also think this might be something that could come with file transfers (I saw a ticket about that). I don't think it's good to let people send gif through the chat as it is resource hungry. But a slideshow as I said allow people to stop the animation (like in 9gag). The only issue is that it might require some coding forces. I don't know it qt can handle gif but if not, it will be a good bit of work.

    In short : would be very fun, but can be tiring to code and could result in security issues. But +1 anyway because I want it too !