#1079 Push to talk(Forced on Setup)


Requesting push to talk button be forced to be chosen on first setup

and auto voice activation to be left in the configure menu for those who really want to use it, as an overwhelming amount of those newcomers to mumble tend to setup the auto voice activation, and end up breathing/blaring music into the mic, and this has been one of the main hurdles I frenquently have to help people get past when they change from vent to mumble as the configure push to talk setup in configure isn't really clear cut for new people. and as mumble is used mainly for gaming related stuff, most people use push to talk over auto voice activation. many guilds/clans on games demand it, and

its less hassle to have it forced to choose a button on first setup, than it is to have them choose auto, not know what they are doing, set it up wrong, and end up blaring annoying noises over channel constantly than it is to have them choose a simple button, and work out the autoactivation as they get more used to mumble.

4 years of running murmur servers for clans and guilds, this has been the number one problem for getting new users to convert from vent to mumble.

over 3 month survey consisting of 74 new mumble users to my servers, admins reported 57 of them had this problem(this is only counting the ones my admins could be stuffed writting down)

Keep up the great work, mumble is an awesome program, and I'm determined to convert the masses from the crappy bad quality vent, and sub-par teamspeak to mumbles awesomeness, having this fixed will make this mission easy


  • Fully agree!

    May I additionally suggest that Alt Gr (aka right alt) be used as the default key for PTT as its not commonly used but still present on most keyboards?

    I came here to suggest some better defaults for Mumble and this is #1 most notable of the current poor client defaults. On top of this (PTT being enabled and configured by default), the audio compression quality should be set higher (if not set to full quality) and the audio input amp. should default to 1.0 instead of 20x, which causes most people to start off sounding crappy and distorted.

    Mumble would be much more newb friendly with those 3 small tweaks IMO.

  • gerry

    "4 years of running murmur servers for clans and guilds, this has been the number one problem for getting new users to convert from vent to mumble."

    this. having to bring someone over at least once a week and help them setup their mumble so they don't burst everyones ear drums with their breathing/background noise etc. automatic voice activation should not be default, its almost guranteed to lead to a very bad first impression. Alt Gr as default PPT key. absolutly agree. i can't think of anything that uses it.

    i would love the ability to force PPT in murmur servers instead of just requesting it [which, lets face it, does nothing].

    this is the number one annoying issue on mumble right now.

    ptt by default + ability to force ptt only in the murmur config. save my sanity please!

    • Darkcon

      I don't think there should be a set key as default, just they have to choose one, maybe with a recomendation of the common keys " ` or alt or mouse button 3 - 4" and a suppress tickbox etc
      and disable next untill they choose one

      perhapse on the same screen have an advanced tickbox which them opens autovoice, or something, I too