#1077 Mumble UserGroups with Icons

jimykx matos

My multigaming clan has been using different VOIP softwares over the years now and Mumble is definitely our favorite. Though we do really wish it had a User groups feature. I mean, you can already have groups but it would be lovely if you could assign different images/icons to those groups and they would show up in the users who belonged to those groups. If you mouse over the icon and hold there for a second you should also be able to see the group's name.

The screenshot shows an example of what I would love to see.

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  • Kissaki

    Is this a duplicate of #1071 ?

    If not, could you elaborate on the difference to it?

    • jimykx matos
      jimykx matos

      I don't think of it as a duplicate. I believe the placing of the icons on this side allows for less confusion and could also make it possible for channels to also have group icons. It's just a cleaner way to do it. Putting the icons as he suggests in that post would make it confusing

  • ZerofeniX

    I think these would be a great addition. I'd personally like to be able to choose whether that specific group's icon shows up on the left of the name or on the right with the rest of the icons. That way admins and mods can show up on the left while certain game groups could show up on the right. Mouse over should show the group name. I think it would also be amazing to be able to change the color of the text for a user name based on a group they are in.

  • DarkSnake

    This would be a great feature. I was just talking with a group that uses this in TeamSpeak, and it would be awesome to have in mumble.

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith

    Would this be something configured on the server-side to have a list of icons / iconfiles and who is authorized to display which icons, or would this just be a user configuration that would allow them to add any icons they'd like?

    • ZerofeniX

      I would think the easiest way to do it would be through remote hosting either on an HTTP server or the mumble server itself, that would then be stored on the client side computer for future usage. But this is not my specialty so there might be a better way. And you could individually attach an icon to each group. A nice thing on TS is that once you join a server you can join certain groups, that have been setup that way, so that no one has to add you if it doesn't affect your permissions.

  • Zeloslaw

    Is something happening in this case?

  • Natenom

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