#1001 channel walk shortcuts


There was a previous request for this that was basically dismissed on the grounds that it is possible, however, it is not possible in the truest sense (I will explain shortly).

We have a server of several major and sub-channels laid out like so:
+game A
+game B
+game C
+game D

As a large organization of gamers across many games, we often have players moving themselves between "game" channels, not just "team" channels. This means that while we could have 1 shortcut per "game" and 2 shortcuts for each subchannel 1 & 2, it quickly becomes tedious and inconvenient to have that many shortcuts - and no shortcuts at all for "temporary" channels.

So the feature request is as follows:
Since the "Join Channel" paired with a "shout-to" shortcut already does allow the joining of "parent", "current", or "sub-" channels, please make a "shout to" shortcut for "next available" and "previous available" channel that allows traversal to the next or previous channel in the tree that is accessible to the user traversing channels.

This behavior would allow a gamer in "game C" to "join previous channel" and move to "game B - team2", etc. A user in "game C" that had no access to "game B" or sub-channels would jump to "game A - team2"