Windows keystrokes randomly fail when Mumble is running

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    When running Mumble, a lot of my keystrokes are not processed. The kinds of keystrokes that don't register range from selecting all with Ctrl.+A, switching programs with Alt+Tab or even just pressing the delete key. It's not just keystrokes that get ignored either. Mouse input is less responsive and the scrollwheel randomly doesn't work too. All these issue disappear when Mumble is closed.

    One of the issues I can always reproduce is buggy Alt+Tab behaviour. Normally when I Alt+Tab, I will see something like this:

    Normal Alt+Tab appearance

    However, when Mumble is running, the Alt+Tab window looks as though Aero is disabled:

    Bugged Alt+Tab appearance

    In this state, the Alt+Tab window doesn't disappear or switch applications when Alt is released and doesn't switch applications when Enter is pressed with the window open. Pressing any key dismisses the window.

    I am using Mumble 1.2.4 on Windows Vista SP2 32-bit. My keyboard and mouse are Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 3200 Laser and I am running Logitech SetPoint 6.32. I have tried exiting Logitech SetPoint when using Mumble but this behaviour persisted. I have not been able to test with a different keyboard or mouse. Mumble has two shortcuts set: a Push-to-Talk shortcut bound to Alt that is currently suppressed and a Push-to-Mute shortcut bound to V which is active. I doubt my Mumble shortcuts are interfering with Windows as inputs that do not include those keys are not going through.

    I have searched for information on this issue but have been unable to find any. Any help would be greatly appreciated.