Cannot join anymore a server

  • lucas schiano
    lucas schiano

    Hi there,

    In first, i want to apologyze for my english and i hope someone gonna
    understand what i try to say.

    I go on mum server since a week but yesterday, it tells me the famous message
    " the remote host closed the connection."
    I know there is a lot of topic on this thing, i tried a lot of solutions and
    not understanding else; this is why i create a new one.

    So i tried to:

    • Unistall/Reinstall Mumble (1.2.3 and snap)
    • Desactivate QoS and activaite forcing TCP
    • Make a new certificate
    • Unistall and clean all data i could find of Mumble ( in C/ and %Appadata )

    So now i'm here and if someone have something new, it will be really cool.
    Thanks to you !

    PS: I verified, i can still connect others servers and i'm not ban on this