Linux wine Wow.exe overlay


  • Anonymous

    So with Hardware Cursor in OpenGL enable, overlay doesn't work. If i unenable
    HW Cursor it works. Now someone else posted this SS

    If your in the options and select a menu it displays a really tiny box of the
    overlay. Could an OpenGL extension with HW Cursor be causing some sort of hide
    the overlay issue?

    (Please don't just say install windows, I personally don't own windows, mumble
    is compiled for linux, anyways)

    Ty for your time.


  • Anonymous

    I've written an overlay that uses the x11 system instead, straight up text.

    Um it shows who's talking at the top center (up to 10 people). Not sure if
    anyone wants a patch (not sure how I would do that), also if it was to be
    included it would have to have some options (moving where the person's name
    talking show's up.

  • looks nice and would like to get that =)


  • Anonymous

    I need to talk to 1 person before I release the code. I also need help
    figuring out how to make a menu item, like LinuxXOverlay

    Enable, move it, change font size, color, etc. Would like to also have a full
    channel Overlay. Slowly getting it all, just wanted to get that part done

  • that would help a lot of linux users =) hope u get support needed for makeing
    it to work =) maby mumble makers would like it also xD