Abnormally high Ping


  • Anonymous

    I recently set up a mumble server on an unused Debian box and things my
    friends and I have been using it successfully, with one exception: The server
    reports an extremly high ping. It really appears to be a cosmetic issues and
    nobody notices any significant latency in their voices, but I'd still like to
    fix this issue. I've taken some pictures to show you what I mean. the first
    image is what appears in the connection dialogue, and the second is what my
    user-info appears to be. This server is on my LAN and I am not connecting to
    it over the internet.

    I'm using the mumble-server package that's available in Debian's repository,
    but this issue also occures with the static binary.


  • Anonymous

    The pictures don't seem to be showing up in my web browser, and I can't locate
    the edit function on this board. Here are direct links to them:


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    Sorry, I'd like to bump this.

  • Andrew

    I am having the same/similar problem. My other users don't seem to have this issues, but my machine at home disconnects often, sometimes many times in a row. It is running on Win 7 64bit. I tried updating to 1.2.4 and also a clean re-install.
    The image on the left is at the office, the right side is at home. I have been searching for any info and this is the only thread close to my problem.
    Broken Ping
    Yeah that average ping is about 3700 Years....

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