ServerDB: Database driver QSQLITE not available

  • Devicated

    I'm using Arch Linux ARM on a Raspberry Pi. I installed murmur using
    pacman -Sy murmur. After trying to start the murmur daemon I get the
    following error:

    [root@alarmpi /]# murmurd -ini /etc/murmur.ini -supw xxxxx
    <W>2013-05-28 15:54:13.773 Initializing settings from /etc/murmur.ini (basepath /etc)
    <W>2013-05-28 15:54:13.788 OpenSSL: OpenSSL 1.0.1e 11 Feb 2013
    <W>2013-05-28 15:54:13.794 SSL: Adding recommended CA StartCom Certification Authority
    <W>2013-05-28 15:54:13.800 SSL: Adding recommended CA AAA Certificate Services
    <W>2013-05-28 15:54:13.807 SSL: Adding recommended CA UTN-USERFirst-Client Authentication and Email
    <C>2013-05-28 14:54:13.809 Successfully switched to uid 86
    <F>2013-05-28 14:54:13.813 ServerDB: Database driver QSQLITE not available

    I'm assuming something is wrong with my Qt installation, but Qt was
    automatically installed by pacman. In /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/sqldrivers
    there are several files, one of which is Is it possible
    the Qt-package in the Arch Linux ARM package database was not compiled
    with a qsqlite flag? Has anyone encountered this error before who knows
    how to fix this? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  • Devicated

    Alright, apparently the problem lies in running the process as a non-root user. Removing the user-id from the murmur.ini file fixed it. It runs as root now though, so that might be insecure...