Crashing client and Murmur dying

  • search66

    I've been using Mumble/Murmur for about four months and love it. However, we are experiencing some random problems. I'm not sure if anything can be done or not, simply because it's in development.

    The client will usually crash at least once or twice a night for any user running Mumble. The app will crash (Windows XP) and have to be reloaded. Other times, it will simply disconnect and reconnect. I never get d/c'ed but many people complain about it. My Mumble will randomly crash and I have to reopen.

    Secondly, the Murmur PID will simply die. About twice a week I have to re-run the process.

    LASTLY... I have an older version of Murmur than what is released. I tried to install the newest version, and get SQL errors. It will run fine for a minute then crash. Here is an example of the error.

    SQL Error [UPDATE players SET lastchannel=? WHERE server_id = ? AND player_id = ?]: SQL logic error or missing database Unable to fetch row

    • You'll need to mention which exact versions you are using on which OSes.