Lose audio from other users

  • The issue is when using mumble I loose audio from everyone but everyone can still hear me. To fix I have to close out of mumble and reopen then reconnect. My mumble server is hosted so its not local. The issues is very random. Sometimes it will work fine all night (8 to 10 hours) other times it will loose audio 8 or 9 times in 30 minutes.

    Some back ground. It worked fine on this PC for the past year no issues. I did recently move but am still using the same ISP and my neighbor that uses the same ISP connects and runs without issue. I wiped my PC (running windows 7) thinking maybe my PC just needed a fresh start. Nope, same issue 10 mins after reinstalling everything and mumble. I upgraded to mumble 1.2.4rc with no luck either.

    The only thing that did change was I bough a new router DIR-836L. I am thinking this is where my problem lies now but tried everything I could read in the FAQ section with no luck. Anyone have any suggestions as what for me to try?

    Thank you