Murmur Password

  • Oubadah

    I'd like mu Murmur server to appear on the server list.

    I've been using Murmur for LAN and also with some remote clients. I set a
    password under 'serverpassword' and this works.

    I'm confused as to the purpose of: 'registerPassword'

    The murmur.ini wiki page says:

    registerPassword is a simple, plain-text secret between your server and the
    registration server. It's sole purpose is to prevent other servers from
    impersonating your server in the public server list.

    Set this setting empty to disable registration with the public server list.

    But every other guide I see says something like: "People need this password to
    connect to your server; you can leave the password empty to make a public

    So do people use 'registerPassword' or not? If that is used to connect to the
    server, then what is the point of 'serverpassword'?