Murmur as a service in windows home server?

  • BeyondInferno

    I've been looking for an answer for days now. I want to run a murmur server on
    my windows home server but I need it to run as a service. I found someone that
    posted a walkthrough in the wiki back in '07 but it's not there. All I can
    find on the wiki is that "it can't be done"?! This can't be true. Someone,
    please help. I'm loosing my mind.

  • Dirk Krüger
    Dirk Krüger

    i do not know about the mentioned wiki page.. but you might want to try

    you can try a Cygwin comand to run Programms as

    cygrunsrv -I murmur -p "<path to mumble bin>/mummur.exe" -c "<working folder>" -a "<args>"

    you might have to fiddle with the -i swich too. im not shure since I use
    murmur on linux...

    you can although try

    using the programs SRVINSTW.EXE and SRVANY.EXE that come with the windows NT /
    2000 / XP resource kit. If your installation is missing these programs, they
    are available here

    1. Put both files into the system32 system directory.
    2. run SRVINSTW.EXE
    3. Select Install as a service, Local Machine
    4. Give your service any name you desire
    5. When prompted for the path to the service, give the path to mumur.EXE in your system32 directory
    6. Select Service is its own process
    7. Set the login credentials. On Windows, System account is the super-root: it’s the highest user in the chain, even higher than Administrator. This will work and allow Instiki access to your disks, however, it may be a security risk. You can also create a new user in Windows, give that user write permissions on the Instiki storage directory, and Instiki will be relatively sandboxed. Choice is yours.

    Edit your registry

    1. Run regedit.exe
    2. Go to

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Services\<your service name>

    (the name you picked in step 4 above)
    3. Add a key = ”Parameters”
    4. Add a string value = ”Application” (in the Parameters key you just created).

    (Using C:\PROGRA~1... instead of “C:\Program files” will avoid some problems
    if mumur is in that directory)

    1. (Optional, only try this if it doesn’t work) Add a string value = ”AppDirectory”.
  • Stefan H.
    Stefan H.

    @kruegerfreddy: I can't find the article in the wiki either. How about
    creating it? ;-)

  • BeyondInferno

    Thank you SO MUCH!
    I tried your method for the resource kit and no dice. It starts the service
    the instantly stops.
    I'm downloading Cygwin but I'm a total Linux n00b so bare with me.
    "<working folder="">" - Is this a command or space for user input? ie. service
    install folder?
    "<args>" - see above question.
    Sorry to be a PITA I just could use the help.

  • BeyondInferno

    So I did the srvinstw.exe method and it gives me error 1053: the service did
    not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion. I tried
    adding -supw to the registry entry and no dice. any advice?

  • Hawk

    Did anyone get this working? I am trying to set it up as service and it will
    not start.

  • AdamEntity

    Hi Everyone!

    The problem with adding MurMur.exe as a service is that is does not have the correct structure (design wise) to provide service control interrogation responses to windows. IE. Error 1053: It doesn't confirm that it started successfully so Windows kills it as unresponsive.

    In order to correctly format the application into a workable service for Windows the required 'service control' statuses must be built into the application. A developer would have to create the ServiceControl elements necessary for it to operate. Other than that you can figure out how to use the ZeroC ICE tool to create the service application.

    I have not done either of these yet but hope to find a solution that my be of use and will post back here if I am successful and have it well documented.

  • Kissaki

    Cygwin should not be necessary at all. After all you should just need to register the exe as a service.

    Thank you adam for clarifying. Do you have resources on what has to be done?
    (Official MS documentation.)

    Other than that you can figure out how to use the ZeroC ICE tool to create the service application.
    I do not get what you mean here. Murmur as a service should be independent of Ice.