Mumble crashing before even starting.

  • Hi!

    I've recently reinstalled my computer, which forced me to install mumble to my computer again. It worked fine like the first day but now it crashes and takes me to the "report your problem" thing directly.

    I've tried running mumble as administrator. I've installed diffrent verions of the program, I've reinstalled the program several time and I've also looked at any computersetting that may block the starting procedure.

    This problem is really annoying and I would really like to get the help I need fast.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Kissaki

    Please make sure you run recent and stable drivers.
    Also try disabling any interfering applications - antivirus or other security applications.
    Then try running DebugView alongside and report the log.

  • This is the error messege i get when I use the DebugView:

    I have no idea what it means.

  • Bump!

    Still in need of help.

  • ?

  • Is this a fucking joke? Is this supposed to be your offcial forum and the only place you can get help for your mumble issues?