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  • spaceman

    I've built my own mumble server and it's working correctly. Our guild have a Guildlaunch website which features two Mumble Viewers. I've chosen the Mumble CVP Viewer, which states:
    Please configure the widget with the VCP Url
    Clicking the configure option I have to complete two fields: Title (seems obvious) and CVP URL (less so).

    OK, where do I get the CVP URL for my server. In Mumble Client I right-clicked the root channel and was offered Copy URL as an option. This gives me "mumble://mylocalip:port?title=Guild%20Murmur&version=1.2.0"
    I would naturally need to change my local IP address for the Mumble Server's external IP:Port. Is this then my CVP URL?

    Is there anything else I need to configure / set up / install server side to make this work as this URL is returning no data to our guild website?

    If it helps my Murmur server is on a Fedora 14 box.

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  • Kissaki

    CVP is not provided by the server itself.
    You will need another utility / web interface that uses Ice to provide the CVP.