Problems getting on a server :S

  • theflyingwin

    i am new in this voice chat world and i have a question about Mumble server.
    how do i know what i have to but in address? do I have to buy some IP or something??
    bacouse i want my private server for a clanchat

    i would really appreciate it if some1 could give me further information about this.

    Thanks in advance

    • Daniel McGreal
      Daniel McGreal

      Hi there,

      If you've bought hosting you may have to buy an IP but it depends on your host. I did, for example. You may be able to find to one that's available and public facing on the machine you're currently running it on. Typing 'ifconfig' at a unix prompt should bring up a list of the interfaces available on your machine, 'ipconfig /a' does the same on windows. You're looking for IP addresses (x.x.x.x where 'x' can be numbers up to 255) that do not begin 192.168., 10., 172.16.* as these are internal addresses only accessible from the network it's on.

      If you haven't bought hosting and are planning on hosting it on your own computer (I don't know the feasibility of this in terms of bandwidth) then you probably have been given a public IP by your ISP. This may, however, change each time you login to the service or boot your computer and you may have to use a 'Dynamic DNS' service (ZoneEdit, DynDNS, there're probably more by now, it's been a while since I've used one) in order to create a static web address, if that's what you want.

      Hope that helps,